“Math is different. To ‘get it,’ you must see it. The best way to see the math is to discover it, play with it, and imagine it.”

- Elon Kohlberg, founder

At Kohlberg Math, our goals are to develop confidence with numbers and arithmetic operations, and to develop strong thinking and reasoning skills through fun, hands-on activities using Digi-Block.

With our youngest students, we focus on counting by 1s and 10s up to 100, using “trains” made of blocks followed by finding and counting objects in fun picture scenes. The next stage of the curriculum is to introduce adding and subtracting through picture scenes. The concepts will initially be introduced without using digits, relying only on spoken numbers. The reason for this is that the pattern of spoken numbers (one, two, three, …, ten) is much more intuitive than the pattern of written numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, …, 9).

As we move through the curriculum, the understanding of spoken numbers will be extended to written numbers, adding and subtracting two and three-digit numbers, and once again, doing problems presented through pictures and words.

Further progress can be achieved using Digi-Block to learn the fundamental principles of multiplication and division.